Our Values



‘Ayurveda’ or ‘Knowledge of Life’ has been preserved by our Indian Vaidyas ‘Physicians’ that works on four aspects body, mind, breath and spirit. The use of Ayurvedic rituals for self-beautification by both men and women, is believed to have originated in India, with their earliest records dating back to the Indus valley civilization. Special Tailams and Ghritas were used for facial beautification; hair cleansers with natural herbs and aromatic ingredients, were remedies for hair fall; while nourishing Lepās (masks) and fragrant powders were made for bath rituals. Ayurveda’s recipes are timely tested, refined over centuries, and humans have validated and documented this as an authentic, efficacious science.

Nanotechnology is an innovative area of science that includes the design, characterization, production, and application of materials, by controlling shape and size at the nanometre scale (1–100 nm). We use COSMOS certified high quality and concentrated phospholipids from NON-GMO soyabean for a better stability and high efficacy, glycerol, distilled water, herbs and other natural plant actives. All particle size range in between 200-250 nm. According to FDA, manufacturers can make nano technology products of particle size above 100nm. They are very safe and do not penetrate into blood. All nano herbal extracts are free from chemicals, alcohol and other harsh ingredients. Various nano herbal liposomes are made and formulated into the products to give lasting results.

Trucura believes in Authenticity of Ayurveda with Technologically driven Skin and Hair care. We vouch for Ingredients that are balanced by nature with nutrients, vitamins, minerals and purity.


Ethical Sourcing is what we believe in, as Quality ingredients leads to
Qualitative Results. All ingredients are locally sourced from farmers or Government itself, for instance Mysore sandalwood is sourced from Karnataka Government.
Nanotechnology is present in each of our products in some or the other form. Soxhlet herbal extractions are made with crude herbs in glycerol and then this glycerol herbal extraction is converted into nanoliposomes and nano serums. These are then added to our Ayurvedic products which gives actual results that one can observe over a period of time.



All products are tested with NABL labs and the unit where products are made is GMP certified. All products are authorized and licensed by Ministry of Ayush, Govt. of India.



We seek to have minimalistic approach with our products that are packed in zero waste materials which causes no harm to our environment and oceans.

We have developed biodegradable plastic film made with plant based ingredients for our product packaging, that keeps our environment green and clean.



Make in India is the ideology that we follow, to empower local communities and to change mindset about sustainability in India. Therefore, all our ingredients and products are procured and Made in India which are most suitable for Indian skin and made in appropriate weather conditions.