Our Story

Since childhood Nature had played a vital role in my life which awakened five senses of human body, right from playing in mud to get effects of earthing, waking up early morning during Diwali, taking bath with ubtan and to all my Mom’s homemade remedies for injuries or skin and hair

During my Masters in Entrepreneurship, after visiting many beauty stores and salons I found that lot of nature derived products have entered the market but with misleading knowledge about ingredients which are written on the back label and Green Washing happening, packaged in plastics which only few are recycled and others fall in landfills that not only pollutes environment but also our human body in many ways.

With an aim to build a brand that not only comes from our Indian traditions yet giving effective results with the right knowledge and Ayurvedic science that solve our skin and hair concerns, but also incorporating the philosophy of minimal waste personal care that takes care of our environment too and that’s when TRUCURA was born.

The name TRUCURA stands for True (Tru), Care (Cura) and giving justice to the name, the brand stands for the truest forms of ingredients of nature to be formulated according to ancient scriptures with twist of Modern Science Nano Technology for effective results that people seek. We believe inspiration can be taken from anything and everything, nature being the largest source. Similarly, Trucura is inspired by Nature’s beauty and its offerings. We believe in embracing and the power of our Mother Earth to formulate the products without harming it.

Our products and packaging are organic, natural, handcrafted, non-toxic, cruelty free and sustainable. So why wait to try them out?


                                                                                              - Monal L. Karnawat

                                                                                                    Founder & Ceo