Hair Oil Candle
Hair Oil Candle
Hair Oil Candle
Hair Oil Candle

Hair Oil Candle

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#Inspired by hot oil therapy


Eliminate the process of pouring the oil into a bowl and then heating it on a gas stove, keeping it convenient in a candle form, enjoy the blend of herbs and oils that gives your hair stronger roots and a softer texture.


  • Promotes hair growth
  • Prevents hair fall
  • Prevents Dandruff
  • Maintains the natural oil of the scalp
  • Candellila wax helps to lock the moisture in the scalp and hydrates it
  • Strengthen hair roots 
  • Stimulates blood circulation to the scalp
  • Improves the texture of hair
  • Made with mix of 27 herbs and 7 oils that boosts stronger hair and softer scalp
  • Pumpkin seed oil is rich in zinc that not only thickens hair but also speeds up hair growth and also excellent source of vitamin A, B and C that protects hair from UV damage and promotes overall health of scalp and hair 
  • 80% of ingredients are organic 


Organic Coconut oil, Organic Pumpkin Seed oil, Organic Black Seed oil/Kalonji oil, Organic Castor oil, Olive oil, Organic Almond oil, Sesame oil, Raw Unrefined Kokum Butter, Candellila Wax, Unrefined Beeswax, Fenugreek, Hibiscus, Curry Leaves, Shikakai, Retha, Amla, Camphor Kachri, Neem, Brahmi, Bhringaraj, Henna, Anantmool, Bakuchi, Haritki, Tulsi, Aloe Vera, Lavender Essential Oil and Sage Essential Oil


How to use:

Lit the candle, let the upper layer of the oil melt, blew the candle and apply the melted oil when warm enough on the scalp and massage.


  • Individuals may be allergic to some or the other ingredient so a patch test is recommended.
  • Be careful of the hot tin and oil when the candle is burning.


100% Natural Ingredients & Zero-Waste 

No Preservatives, No sulphates, No silicones, No parabens, No harsh chemicals, No Glycols, No GMOs

Best before 8 Months from the Date of Manufacturing 

Disclaimer - As every product is handcrafted, there may be natural distinctions which are not product flaws. Such variations are intrinsic during manufacturing of handmade products which lead to slight color change and the size of the product.

Every product takes time to adapt so might feel itchy scalp or hair fall happening but don’t worry the product is adapting. 

While washing your hair, do wash it thoroughly so as to remove the oil completely from your scalp. (You might need to was it twice to completely remove the oil from scalp and hair)

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